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This is the current home page for Pete Houston. It's getting better with every passing day! In fact this is even more true than usual at the moment. These pages are now currently in the process of a fairly major overhaul, being as they are converted to xhtml. Bear with me, people!

Under development - the highly topical spammers list.

New User Section

Not only is it important for new users to be aware of the services available on the net, they should also be told about usage conventions and the like. Bearing this in mind, it is well worth reading the netiquette document to prevent you wasting your precious bandwidth and embarrassing yourself in front of the entire population of the world.

Handy West Country Links

There will be more in due course, but lets start off with the South West website and take it from there.

The most important local issue must be the campaign to save the TransWilts train service, so pop along and add your support. Farther to the south west is the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway which is aiming to restore a narrow-guage railway which was closed in the 1930s. Also in Devon are: Lyn Candles and the Maurice Bishop gallery.

In Devizes: town council, festival, carnival, Palace cinema, Wharf theatre, Fantasy Radio (featuring Biscuit Tim), Food and Drink Festival., Eisteddfod, Connecting Wiltshire, Wiltshire Community Bank, Wiltshire Libraries, Heritage, Wiltshire Museum, Markets.

Handy Reading Links

That's Reading, Berkshire as opposed to reading written works ...

Useful pointers to physics resources

Handy Oxford Links

Handy QUB Links

Here you can obtain information about the Queen's University of Belfast.

Internet Surfing

It is quite possible that you may want to surf a little, so here is all of the links information you could ever need. Direct pointers to lists relating to

Computational info, links and suchlike

Some useful bits and bobs for programming.

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