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Useful Web Pages

For the benefit of Mr. Polli among others, here is a collection of potentially useful and/or vaguely interesting pages available on the Web.

Navigation and net info

Internet Society, statistics, CIWA Gateway, Starting point, Google, Yahoo, Excite, ArchiePlex, and so on. What exactly are URLs and would you call the doctor if you found one?

Lists and servers

Larry Schankman's URL List (including guides to various parts of the net), Roy's list, etc. Man, this section is getting thin these days. Memo to self: beef it up with more lists!

Newspapers, magazines and journals

What about all those journals and on-line magazines you were promised? Some of the more interesting or informative electronic versions of paper publications are: Private Eye. The Electronic Torygraph. The Independent. The Grauniad. The Financial Times. The Belfast Telegraph. Loaded. Also the productions of Future publishing, who have on-line versions of much of their stuff at Futurenet.

These are pure web mags, with no hardcopy counterpart. At your leisure, browse the pages of Urban Desires, the first magazine of its kind published exclusively on the WWW (although their flash detection seems a little broken these days). Alternatively, the most important issues of our time are discussed in earnest in Men Only. Excellent! Crossroads is also available for your perusal. CMC is a purely fact-based, technical online mag and is well worth a look.

Miscellaneous Others

Ho hum. Here are some pages with plenty of educational value and a fair smattering of artistic merit. Or is it just assorted nonsense - I can never remember. Best of British. Ninety Nine Lists. 4 Million Bucks. What is the date? Monochrome WWW Gateway. National Rail Travel Information. Vote anyone but labour.

Food and drink

The Webtender. Pub Finder. British Coffee Association. Clay Irving's guide to Beer in NYC. Hmmm, those are actually all drink links, not food.

Film, radio and television

Here is a link to the Internet Movies Database. You can use forms to search the database for just about anything.

Comic Relief. Babylon 5. BBC1. BBC2. ITV. Channel 5. Absolute Radio. Spire FM. 6Music. Click. Note: Channel 4 listings will return if and when they abandon their horrible flash interface.


The Maughan Amplifier Company. Guitar Archive. Malmsteen. Steely Dan and the Fever Dreams mirror/archive. Morris Quinlan Experience. Trish Elphinstone Quintet. Pluck (musical comedy theatre). Zum. Paco Peña. Fretwork. Goldberg Variations.

Online Games

Rebelstar (requires Java, but for once, it's worth it). Runestone is a great example of a pure HTML5 game. Highway Encounter. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at the BBC. Mousebreaker have a huge collection of Flash games on their site.

Offline Games and other resources

Nexuiz. Shellshock. History of Rogue.

People worth links

Unfortunately, Munro's page appears to have vanished from the Hertford server. One can only hope (!) that this is a temporary tragedy.

Some other dead wood has been trimmed, so here are the still-active links:

This page was supposed to grow over time, but seems to have stagnated due to my ever-increasing workload. The idea was to achieve a dynamic list of things of interest which you can add to your hotlist as desired. Unfortunately, now that the web has become the domain of the evil one, precious few surfers even know what a hotlist is these days. A very sad state of affairs.

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