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Time for a quick swashbuckle!


NEW - a critique of the Champions' League or the Runners-up League as it should be more accurately called.

There are more words written about football than any other religion, but the choicest pieces are here.

1st FIFA Club World Championship. This is Sepp Blatter's attempt to be more Lennhart Johansson than the man himself. Thankfully, this proved that Manchester United are nowhere near the power in world football that they think they are. Edmundo's flip, turn and go certainly showed Silvestre for the chump that he is.

World Cup Special

Norn Iron!

All the Northern Ireland info has been permanently removed pending an update of this whole service (ie: a link to somewhere better).

If you want to know about all the latest news on English teams in Europe, you shouldn't bother with Tottenham Hotspur's own web page. So as not appear biased in any way, you can also leap straight into the page for Arsenal, who are going to win the Runners-up's League!

Other Leagues (of less consequence)

There are now also pages for both FIFA and UEFA.


The World Cup is over, but don't let that get you down. At least they haven't let Argentina into the 6 nations (yet).

Other Sports

If you're looking for all the motor sport links, there's only two.

For all the information on the cricket world cup, why not pop over to the Cricket World Cup site, or alternatively pay a visit to the ICC Official page. By far the best place to go for other cricket is CricInfo which has news and an archive. News is also available from the PA News Centre.

The snooker drinking game.

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