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You may have reached this page by some strange route and thus may be under the misapprehesion that it is Pete Houston's Home Page, but it is not.

Pete Houston's Dossier

Pete is now very busy running Openstrike, an open source consultancy business, based in the south of England.

Pete was formerly employed by Queen's as a course assistant. This has a hazy kind of job description, but "lackey" just about covers it. The main aspects of this job included troubleshooting and system admin for the MSc in Computational Science which the Department offered, and the supervision of one of the students in the research project for the course.

However, having become a tad disillusioned by the teaching aspects of academia, he then went on to a research post at the University of Oxford. He was part of the famous Clinical Trials Service Unit based at the Radcliffe Infirmary (although it has since moved to the Richard Doll Building), and was researching into fibrinolytic and antithrombotic therapy for heart disease.

In 2000 Pete completed his PhD at the University of Reading in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. Don't be too disheartened that you don't know what this is --- very few people do.

Between then and '03, Pete was gainfully employed as the systems manager at I-Next, creators of the world famous i-ntarsia web CMS.

Enough of that, I hear you cry, What does he do at weekends? Well, I am a keen guitarist - mostly blues/rock/metal - and general composer, consumer, and jump-arounder-to of music. A fair amount of film-watching goes on too, and the odd medicinal drinkie down the local hostelry.

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